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Our family of OvuSense fertility monitors help you from the first step on your journey right through to supporting you if you need clinical help.

If you've been trying to conceive for a while or you know you may have an issue like PCOS, our OvuCore sensor is designed just for you. It is a completely unique patented sensor technology designed to measure continuous Core Body Temperature (cCBT) while you sleep giving you the best possible understanding of the fluctuations in progesterone which occur during your cycle.

The ultimate in accuracy

Trusted in over 190,000 cycles of use, the OvuCore sensor is simple to use, fitting comfortably like a tampon with easy to understand data which is visible in real time through the OvuSense App.

Clinical studies prove the OvuCore sensor is able to predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance on your OvuSense App, getting these predictions right 96% of the time. The OvuCore sensor then enables your OvuSense App to confirm ovulation with 99% accuracy, using this information to provide you with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of your next cycle.

OvuCore works for women with PCOS

If you have Polycystic Ovaries (PCO) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), you'll know that your ovulation may vary from cycle to cycle even if you have regular periods with a relatively constant number of cycle days in between. For some of you, those periods may be much more irregular.

If you have one of these issues and use ovulation predictor kits, then you will most likely get positive results early in your cycle (false positives), or no positive results at all (false negatives), even if you use an LH monitor that provides you with a quantified result. That's because polycystic ovaries cause an imbalance of the hormone those kits measure (LH). The good news is that progesterone is released in the same way by all women when they ovulate regardless of ovulatory issues.

By measuring continuous Core Body Temperature (cCBT), the OvuCore sensor is able to track the rise of progesterone associated with ovulation much more accurately despite other fluctuations in progesterone in the cycle caused by polycystic ovaries. Users of the OvuCore sensor over the years have had anything from regular 20 day cycles right up to only having a period once or twice every year, and they almost all are ovulating at some point, and OvuSense is still able to confirm when ovulation takes place..

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How does OvuCore work?

Tracking your cycle in real time

Cycle 1

Start using your OvuCore sensor immediately by downloading data from your sensor each morning to the OvuSense App. Your temperature is tracked in real time.

After a few days, by using the OvuCore data, your OvuSense App can predict the onset of your ovulation without having to wait until the next cycle or rely on historic data.

Three days after you ovulate, your OvuSense App confirms the exact ovulation date. You can then continue to use your OvuCore sensor to track the small fluctuations in your cCBT through your luteal phase, and from that understand how your progesterone is fluctuating.

Real time cycle tracking app - Cycle 2
Real time cycle tracking app - Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Stop using your OvuCore sensor during your period, recommencing use immediately after it ends. Your OvuSense App will then predict the 8 days you are most likely to conceive in this cycle.

The OvuSense App updates the information it provides in real time during the cycle, replacing the 8 day 'long range' window with a 'short range' 4 day ovulation window when it predicts again this cycle.

Scroll on the OvuSense App to compare your ovulation dates and your cycle pattern. Real time data can be shared with your partner and/or a medical professional through the OvuSense Pro clinician portal.

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Which fertility monitor is right for me?

Compare OvuSense with other methods for monitoring your ovulation and reproductive cycle.

As you consider which fertility monitor fits you best some typical things to consider are:

  1. How large a fertile window will it detect so you can maximize the time when you're trying to conceive
  2. How accurate is it at confirming ovulation - the less accurate the less chance of it helping you in your next cycle
  3. Can it predict ovulation using the current cycle data - something we like to call realtime prediction
  4. Does the system work for PCOS and irregular cycles
  5. Can it help your doctor screen for fertility issues
  6. Can it help you and your doctor monitor your medication or treatment

Each of the statistics quoted below are derived from clinical evidence available on fertility monitoring methods and products. Pro refers to the OvuSense Pro clinician portal. Click on the 'i' icon next to each method in the table, or directly on the method in the table on mobile devices to find out more about the clinical evidence.

  Feature/ How many does it get right
Fertile window prediction days
Confirms ovulation
Live ovulation prediction
PCOS and irregular cycles
Screen for fertility issues
Track medications and treatments
OvuSense OvuFirst
(Skin-Worn Temperature)
OS First 8 days 8 days 90% 90%   Pro
OvuSense OvuCore
(Core Body Temperature)
OS Core 8 days 8 days 99% 99% 96% 96%   Pro Pro
Fertility Tracker Apps FTA 4-6 days 4-6 days 21% 21%
Basal Body Temperature BBT 6 days 6 days 83% 83%
Skin Worn/
Fertility Bracelet Devices
SW/ FB 6 days 6 days 78% 78%
Ovulation Predictor
Kits and Monitors
OPK/ OPM 4-6 days 4-6 days 92% 92%
Serum Progesterone SP 4-6 days 4-6 days 100% 100%
Ultrasound US 6 days 6 days 100% 100% 100% 100%

Fertility Testing Methods Key

  • OS First OvuSense OvuFirst (SkinTemperature)
  • OS Core OvuSense OvuCore (Core Body Temperature)
  • BBT Basal Body Temperature
  • FTA Fertility Tracker Apps
  • SWD Skin Worn Devices
  • FBD Fertility Bracelet Devices
  • OPK Ovulation Predictor Kits (urine strips)
  • OPM Ovulation Prediction Monitors (urine strips)
  • SP Serum Progesterone
  • US Ultrasound

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