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We Asked & You Answered - Common OvuSense Questions Explained for When You’re Getting Started

Learning how to use new technology and apps can be challenging and frankly, sometimes frustrating. That’s why we want to make sure you are equipped with the correct information to feel comfortable and empowered to use OvuSense. We thought it would be fun to do an Instagram quiz to share common knowledge about OvuSense and see how much our audience knew. But don’t worry, if you missed it, we are highlighting all of the questions and correct answers for you below. Keep reading to learn about when you should be using your sensor, time it takes to download the valuable data, and which cycles OvuSense works for.

What Cycles Does OvuSense Work For?

One of the best features of OvuSense is that it works for both regular and irregular cycles. We know the misconception that is drilled in us from high school health class that everyone has a 28-day cycle and you just need to try on day 14 and BOOM you’re pregnant! However, studies show 70% of women don’t ovulate in the middle of their cycle. That’s why with OvuSense, we made sure our device was inclusive for everyone trying to conceive, those with regular and irregular cycles.

 When Do You Use the Sensor?

This was the question that almost everyone got right, saying only use the sensor while at rest. How OvuSense works, is that the user inserts the sensor into their vagina overnight. The technology measures your Core Body Temperature (CBT) every five minutes - with no radio waves transmitted from within your body. In the morning, you take it out, clean it and then download the data to a secure cloud database and read your results. If you were worried about having to wear OvuSense all day, then this might come as a relief for you!

 How Accurate is an OvuSense Ovulation Confirmation?

An OvuSense ovulation confirmation is 99% accurate! Don’t worry, we forgive those of you that answered this question incorrectly! OvuSense has been clinically proven to confirm ovulation with 99% accuracy, which helps you diagnose any issues and track the effect of any medication you may be taking. Additionally, unlike any other monitor, OvuSense can alert you up to 24 hours before ovulation based on your in-cycle data - proven to be correct 96% of the time, giving you more time to try to get pregnant each cycle!

I’m Spotting, Should I Still Use My Sensor?

This question had pretty mixed results, so we want to make sure you feel empowered to know when you should use your sensor, so no, you should not use your sensor while spotting. This also goes for if you have your period - make sure you wait until your cycle has ended before using the sensor.

How Should I Clean My Sensor?

If you guessed with warm water and non-toxic soap, you are correct. It’s important to remember that alcohol wipes or sanitizer can be harsh and damage the sensor. The good news is, the device is already designed with materials that prevent growth of bacteria, so all you need is some warm water and soap and you’re good to go!   

Should I Take the Sensor Out to Have Sex?

Absolutely! In fact, it is essential to remove the sensor before sex. We do recommend it is reinserted after sex, to increase the amount of data collected, but just remember to clean it first with the soap & water as discussed above!

If I had a Fever or Drank Alcohol Last Night, Will this Affect my Temperature Readings?

If you’re torn on this question, you’re not alone - we received mixed responses on this question! Let’s break it down. If you have a fever for two+ days, you should stop using OvuSense until you are feeling better again. A short fever may show as a ‘spike’ in temperature on your chart. However, OvuSense has been designed with an intelligent filtering system that excludes ‘spikes’ when calculating ovulation so it should not affect your results.

For alcohol, there’s no shame in drinking - if you enjoy a glass or two of wine at happy hour, your temperature is usually stable from night to night. However, if you consume more alcohol on one or two nights than your usual intake, this may cause a rise in temperature. While OvuSense has been designed with an intelligent filtering system that excludes ‘spikes’ when calculating ovulation, the 'spikes' in temperature related to alcohol tend to be lower than a fever and can sometimes cause an ovulation result.

What Does OvuSense Measure?

Some respondents were unsure what OvuSense measures - is it Core Body Temperature!  Unlike Basal Body Temperature (BBT) monitoring, OvuSense can monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout the cycle. By measuring Core Body Temperature with OvuSense, you don’t need to use other devices at home for your fertility tracking.

How Long do I Have to Download my Data?

Two hours! Make sure you download data immediately every morning to the app, so you can track your temperature in real time. After only a few days, OvuSense can predict the onset of your ovulation without having to wait until the next cycle or rely on old data.

We Asked: What do You Love Most About OvuSense? You Answered:

  • "The simplicity!"
  • "The fact that you just have to pop it in and scan. No stress of getting the temp wrong if you wake earlier etc."
  • "The ease of use and accuracy!"
  • "99% accuracy."
  • "Not being stressed about taking your temp at the same time each day!"
  • "It is just so easy. I don't have to think about anything other than putting it in and taking it out.”

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