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Testimonial: Helen M. Shares How OvuSense Helped Her Feel In Control

Helen pictured with her daughter, Ada, and their Chihuahua Roland.

Helen began using OvuSense in December 2017. Shortly after, she split with her partner and decided to move ahead with donor sperm to try and conceive. Throughout her fertility treatments, Helen used OvuSense to give her a feeling of control. She recently shared her story with our OvuSense Users Group community on Facebook. Congratulations on your OvuSense baby, Helen, and thank you for sharing your story with us and others who are struggling to conceive.

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Helen's Fertility Journey

I am over the moon to announce the arrival of my OvuSense baby, Ada Grace. She joined us on 7th October 2019, weighing 5lb 13oz.

My OvuSense journey originally began in December 2017, after trying to conceive for around 2 years with my (now ex) fiancé. I was taking Inofolic sachets for PCOS, vitamin D and iron as recommended by my doctor as both levels were low, but all other tests had come back clear. My partner had 2% normal sperm.

In May 2018, following a split with my partner, I made the decision to go ahead on my own with donor sperm. I had turned 40 that month, and after many years of trying to find a lifelong partner to settle down with, there was a tough period of realigning my ideas of the perfect family.

Using a sperm donor had always seemed like something other people do; not me. But, now I have the beautiful Ada in my arms, I can't believe I ever doubted my decision.

I continued to use OvuSense during my fertility treatment, and found that it gave me a feeling of control throughout the process even though I was in the hands of the clinic. At the start of the treatment, the clinic dismissed my charts as a gimmick, but as time went on they were referring to my charts, and it made it easier to plan and predict my visits to the clinic.

I underwent one failed medicated IUI, 1 egg collection followed by a fresh cycle of IVF that ended in a miscarriage, and 1 unmedicated frozen cycle where we put back 2 embryos, resulting in my beautiful little Ada.

I would like to thank OvuSense and the users of this group for supporting me in achieving my dream. Ada is now 2 weeks old and I still find it hard to believe she is real after many years of longing for her.

I will remain a member of this group as reading success stories has always been uplifting for me, and I hope my story will uplift others on days when their journey seems too complicated to comprehend ♥️.

About our regular contributor, Kate Davies:

Kate Davies (RN, BSc (Hons), FP Cert) is a registered Fertility Nurse Consultant and IVF coach with over 25 years of experience in fertility and women's health. She worked in the UK's National Health Service as a specialist nurse in Gynecology, Sexual and Contraceptive Health and Fertility for 20 years before founding Your Fertility Journey consultancy company. A member of the British Fertility Society and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, she is a practitioner with Fertility UK where she receives regular training and clinical supervision. She has a special interest in both natural contraception and PCOS and has taken specialist training in the latter to enhance her knowledge and practice. She carries out consultations either using online video or at her Harley Street Clinic in London, providing both emotional support and clinical advice to her patients.  In 2017, Your Fertility Journey was awarded Best Fertility Consultancy UK by Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards, and in 2019 were given the title of Best Fertility Consultancy and Best Fertility Nurse by GHP's Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Find her on LinkedIn, follow her on Instagram at @your_fertility_journey, and listen to her on The Fertility Podcast.

Kate Davies - Independent Fertility Nurse
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