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Case Studies

Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. Rachael's Journey to Pregnancy

    Rachael’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS

    After spending her entire adult life with irregular periods, Rachael was eventually diagnosed with PCOS at age 26. Even though she wasn’t ready for a baby at the time, she spent countless hours worrying that her diagnosis would mean she’d struggle to conceive or that she’d never get to be a mom. After connecting with a friend who went through a similar issue, Rachael found hope – and ultimately became pregnant – with the help of OvuSense.

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  2. Sarah's Pregnancy Testimonial

    How OvuSense Helped Sarah Navigate Irregular Cycles & Unexplained Infertility, Resulting in a Positive Test & A Dream Come True

    Sarah had been navigating irregular cycles since she was a teenager, but she didn’t anticipate that it would impact her TTC journey when the time came. However, after trying unsuccessfully for two years after getting married, Sarah and her husband worried something may be wrong. Then, after hearing about OvuSense on Instagram, Sarah decided to give it a try. A year later, she fell pregnant and is overjoyed to welcome her baby in July.

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  3. Jessamy's Endometriosis Journey

    OvuSense Advocate Jessamy Baldwin Talks to the New York Post About Endometriosis, Infertility, and Her Long-Awaited Rainbow Baby

    Trying to conceive can come with many difficulties, especially if you are struggling with endometriosis. OvuSense advocate Jessamy Baldwin recently spoke to the New York Post about her history with the disease, how it impacted her fertility, and how she was eventually able to conceive (and recently deliver!) her beautiful rainbow baby girl. 

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  4. Charlotte

    How OvuSense Helped Charlotte Get Pregnant with PCOS & A Hormone Imbalance

    Irregular periods, PCOS, and a hormone imbalance made it difficult for Charlotte to conceive. After trying OvuSense, Charlotte learned she was ovulating later in her cycle than she had previously believed. After 10 cycles of OvuSense, Charlotte finally got her long-awaited positive test, and she recently gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in March. 

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  5. Asherman's Syndrome

    How OvuSense Helped Lucy Seek Help for Asherman’s Syndrome

    Lucy didn’t have a period for several months after her miscarriage surgery. Despite doctors reassuring her this was ‘normal’ she was convinced it wasn’t and used OvuSense to advocate for herself and seek treatment for a condition called Asherman’s Syndrome. Check out her blog to learn more about her experience. 

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  6. Jessamy's Journey

    Jessamy’s Courageous Battle with Endometriosis & Long-Awaited Pregnancy 

    We honor Endometriosis Awareness every year as a way to raise awareness for this extremely painful condition, which impacts an estimated 200 million women worldwide. This year, Jessamy is sharing her courageous story with us through a series of questions and answers, in hopes of encouraging and supporting others who may be struggling. Continue reading to hear about her journey to long-awaited pregnancy. 

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  7. Priscilla's Pregnancy Testimonial

    Priscilla’s Physical & Spiritual Journey to Becoming Pregnant (Twice!) with OvuSense

    After learning that her mother struggled with her fertility, Priscilla always worried she would encounter the same fate. Then, after experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant, a PCOS diagnosis, and a miscarriage, Priscilla was told by her doctors that she would need to turn to fertility treatments. Today, thanks to OvuSense, Priscilla has two beautiful children and is excited to begin her journey TTC baby #3. 

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  8. Dr. Samina's Pregnancy

    Dr. Samina’s Story: From Stressed with PCOS to Pregnant

    Dr. Samina Mitha, a naturopathic doctor, was diagnosed with PCOS about 12 years ago. When the time came for Dr. Samina to begin trying to start a family, her diagnosis made things a bit more complicated – until she discovered OvuSense. In this blog, you’ll hear from Dr. Samina on how she went from feeling stressed out and overwhelmed to pinpointing her ovulation and becoming pregnant.

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  9. Emma's Pregnancy Testimonial

    Emma’s Journey to Pregnancy with OvuSense After TTC 4+ Years

    Emma, who has struggled with PCOS, an ovarian tumor, and nearly nonexistent periods for years was growing concerned about her ability to conceive. Then, after trying OvuCore in January, Emma recently got what she had been wishing for four + long years of TTC - her big fat positive! Emma, who is overjoyed to be pregnant, cannot thank OvuSense enough for her miracle baby. 

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  10. Beya 21 years trying to conceive

    Beya 21 years trying to conceive

    Infertility can be draining, regardless of how long you’ve been trying to conceive, but for one woman, this journey has gone on for longer than two decades. Beya has PCOS, and has been trying to get pregnant for 21 years. 

    After struggling to track her ovulation using oral BBT and OPKs, Beya decided to try OvuSense. Due to her PCOS, she had always assumed her body was “broken” and she wasn’t able to ovulate. By trying a new approach, she was able to learn more about her temps and how they correspond with her ovulation. 

    We’re THRILLED to share the news that she is pregnant after three cycles with OvuSense. Read more about her journey below, and the statement she shared with our Facebook community. 

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