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Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. How Fitness Benefits Fertility and Mind

    Guest Blog: How Fitness Benefits Your Fertility and Mind

    Maria, a personal trainer who has PCOS, struggled with fertility issues for some time before she was ultimately blessed with two beautiful children. Now, she is sharing her experience incorporating fitness into her fertility journey. Check out this guest blog to learn what lessons Maria is sharing, including why working out is also important for your mental health. 

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  2. Introducing viO HealthTech: Digital Solutions for the Complete Women’s Health Journey

    Introducing viO HealthTech: Digital Solutions for the Complete Women’s Health Journey

    Today we are thrilled to announce that Fertility Focus has a new name – viO HealthTech! Derived from the Spanish meaning “a view” and Latin “I journey”, the name change reflects the Company’s natural evolution into Digital Therapeutics as we look to expand our current fertility offerings to encompass clinically-proven digital solutions for a woman’s entire health journey.

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  3. OvuSense Announces New Partnership

    OvuSense Announces New Partnership with NuVision Women's Care to Support Women with PCOS

    PCOS is a health problem affecting over 10% of women in childbearing age, according to While many of these women will go on to conceive with no challenges, others need a bit more support, whether through cycle tracking, medication intervention, or other means. In an effort to better provide for these women, OvuSense has partnered with NuVision Women's Care, a tele-health provider for women afflicted with the condition.

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  4. How OvuSense Supported Miranda’s Pregnancy Journey

    Testimonial: How OvuSense Supported Miranda’s Pregnancy Journey

    Before getting married, Miranda decided to get off birth control in anticipation of conceiving a child with her husband. However, after a few months of trying and an unexpected PCOS diagnosis, Miranda found herself dealing with infertility. After watching a fateful TikTok video, Miranda found hope in tracking her ovulation with OvuSense and is now preparing to welcome her first child.

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  5. Foods to Encourage Ovulation

    Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer

    If you are not ovulating, it can be more difficult to conceive. However, following a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to encourage ovulation and promote overall fertility. Keep reading to hear from guest blogger Amara, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Credentialled Diabetes Educator, and expert in fertility nutrition, on the correlation between ovulation and diet. 


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  6. Stephanie Shares Knowledge Learned with OvuSense

    Testimonial: Stephanie Shares Insights Learned with OvuSense and ExSeed

    As Stephanie and her husband began trying for their second child, Stephanie learned she had PCOS. In search of answers and information about their fertility, they began using OvuSense with ExSeed, an at-home sperm analysis kit. Now, Stephanie and her husband are feeling more optimistic about trying to conceive baby #2. Armed with the knowledge of their bodies and fertility, they are looking forward to the day they become pregnant again. 

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  7. Dr. Alison Gottschalk Answers Your PCOS Questions

    Dr. Alison Gottschalk Answers Your PCOS Questions!

    PCOS is one of the most common causes of infertility in women, and in fact, the condition impacts about 1 in 10 women. To learn more about this all too common condition, we recently connected with Dr. Alison Gottschalk, a Hormone and PCOS Fertility Naturopathic Doctor, to answer questions about PCOS from those in the fertility community.

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  8. Fertility Nurse Zermina Akbary Talks to Parade Magazine About PCOS and Fertility

    Fertility Nurse Zermina Akbary Talks to Parade Magazine About PCOS and Fertility

    Trying to conceive can be overwhelming, especially if you have been diagnosed with a hormonal condition like PCOS. Although it impacts 1 in 10 women of childbearing age and is the most common reproductive endocrine disorder, many people don’t know what PCOS is until they are diagnosed. Zermina Akbary, one of our fertility nurse specialists, spoke with Parade Magazine about PCOS, what causes the condition and how it affects fertility.

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  9. Top 5 Things to Consider Before Trying to Conceive with PCOS

    Guest Blog: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Trying to Conceive with PCOS

    PCOS is thought to be the most common endocrine disorder affecting women of reproductive age. When it comes to PCOS, some of the major symptoms include: irregular cycles, weight gain, and symptoms of high testosterone. Hormonal imbalances can lead to difficulty with fertility, but with the support of your medical team a healthy pregnancy is achievable. If you are thinking about growing your family, here are five things to consider before trying to conceive.

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  10. Ziggie’s Unexpected Journey to Welcoming her Baby Girl

    Testimonial: Ziggie’s Unexpected Journey to Welcoming her Baby Girl

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ziggie and her husband decided they would start trying for a baby. After being unable to conceive after a few months, Ziggie knew something was wrong and she soon found herself diagnosed with PCOS. With the help of OvuSense, and the determination to not give up, Ziggie welcomed her baby girl in the summer of 2021.

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