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OvuSense comprehensive professional fertility monitoring

At OvuSense, we've always supported our users throughout their entire fertility journey, and helping women understand their cycles is what we do best.

OvuSense is a fully approved class II medical device, clinically proven in over cycles of use, and a range of peer reviewed publications. It uses a specially designed sensor, placed in the vagina overnight which measures continuous Core Body Temperature (cCBT). The data from the sensor are downloaded each morning to the dedicated OvuSense App.

Our ongoing international clinical study has highlighted a set of novel ways in which OvuSense can help medical professionals understand what makes a woman's cycles unique, and that's where OvuSense® Pro comes in. [1]

OvuSense® Pro allows an OvuSense user and their doctor to access detailed cycle information through an online portal. It provides unique key analysis about cycle patterns to help medical professionals to know whether they need to carry out further tests, what effect medications are having, to time tests like blood progesterone and ultrasound, to understand what's happening during treatment, and to understand whether medications, treatment or dietary change are having an effect on the timing of ovulation and the length of cycles

Read on to learn more about the benefits of OvuSense® Pro as a user, or click on a button below to get started.

What are the benefits of using OvuSense® Pro at home?

  • The most accurate fertility monitor on the market (see comparison table below) - giving you complete confidence in monitoring your cycles

  • Share ovulation and cycle pattern data with your doctor without having to book appointments or visit their office - putting you back in control of your fertility journey

  • Track the impact of changes in diet, medications and supplements - even when you're not able to visit the clinic

  • Gain unique insights not available with any other fertility monitor or standard OvuSense

What can my doctor and I learn using OvuSense® Pro?

OvuSense® Pro provides in-depth cycle pattern analysis, automatically flagging each cycle pattern type identified below, aiding diagnosis and treatment of ovulatory issues.

Click on each of the cycle pattern images below to find out more - for each image we answer the questions:

  • What is it?
  • How common is it?
  • Why does it happen?
  • How can I see it?.
  • What does it mean?
  • What can be done about it?

Early Ovulation

Early Ovulation

Late Ovulation

Late Ovulation



Short Luteal Phase

Short Luteal Phase

Slow Rise

Slow Rise

Crash to Baseline™

Crash to Baseline

False Start™

False Start

Crash after Ovulation™

Crash after Ovulation

OvuSense, for your whole fertility journey

OvuSense is different from anything else you may have heard of or used before for monitoring fertility at home. That's because it measures continuous Core Body Temperature using a specially designed vaginal sensor proven in over cycles of use. The vaginal sensor is used overnight only, and data are downloaded to the dedicated OvuSense App each morning. OvuSense provides live updates predicting ovulation up to 24 hours in advance using current cycle data, then confirming the date of ovulation. The OvuSense Pro portal then allows the user and their doctor to work out why they might not be conceiving and track the effect of medications or treatment if that's needed.

Click on the 'i' icon next to each method in the table, or directly on the method in the table on mobile devices to find out more about the clinical evidence.

  Fertile Window Ovulation Clinical
Previous cycle data
(Core Body Temperature)
Fertility Tracker Apps FTA
Basal Body
Skin Worn Devices SWD
Fertility Bracelet Devices FBD
Ovulation Predictor
Kits (urine strips)
Ovulation Predictor
Monitors (urine strips)
Serum Progesterone SP
Ultrasound US