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'OvuSense gave me hope' - Lisa

Kirsty's journey to OvuSense baby 1 of 2

For Beya 'PCOS didn't win!'

Rachel’s story
"I’m 43 years old and got my BFP this morning on my very first cycle using OvuSense! Don’t give up on your dreams."
Caroline's story
"Out of 9 medicated cycles, I’ve only ovulated 4 times!!! And if it wasn’t for my OvuSense, I wouldn’t have known and we’d have blindly continued on assuming the medication was working when it had stopped."
Line's story
"Thank you Ovusense...after 5 years of trying... and 2 cycles with OvuSense, we got pregnant as we knew exactly when I was ovulating."
Sharlayne and Lori’s story
"As we are a same-sex couple, obviously our only choice is to use donor sperm in order to conceive. It’s hard work to find the right donor and with AI (artificial insemination) but we are proof that miracles can happen!"
Katie's story
"The OvuSense data showed I was ovulating on days 16-17 of my cycle – not day 14 like most people. It was really nice to see that not everyone does ovulate on day 14 and have the data to back me up."
Sarah's story
"The more I was able to voice what was going on with my fertility, the more I found people who were willing to talk with me about it and give me the outlet I needed…"