The term “rainbow baby” may not be familiar to everyone, but for those who have experienced a miscarriage or infant loss, it has a profound significance. So, what is a rainbow baby? This important term is the name coined for a baby born after experiencing a loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss. The name comes from the symbolization of rainbows, because like a rainbow after a storm, this baby symbolizes something beautiful after dark times. 

Whether you have a rainbow baby, are expecting one, or are wishing with your whole heart for one — we’re sharing 7 rainbow baby poems to fill your heart with hope. 

Sweet Little Rainbow Baby

My heart was a crashing and stormy sea.
My soul rocking with the waves.
But you brought light to me.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

Still, I was afraid.
Weeks turned into months.
For you, we prayed.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

The day they gave you to me.
I knew at that moment,
We were meant to be.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

Thank you for bringing your light.
To our world,
You are so bright.
Sweet little rainbow baby.



A Flicker of Light

I did not think I would breathe again.
I did not think I would be alright.
But you brought a flicker of light.

Now I hope, and I pray.
I hold it with all my strength.
Watching it burn brighter and brighter.

I did not think I would breathe again.
I did not think I would be alright.
But you brought a flicker of light.

Hold you in my arms this way.
I smile and breathe air into my lungs.
Thank you for being my miracle.
Thank you for being the rainbow after my storm.

-Jennifer Betts


It rained on the day

When you needed the sun the most

But it’s okay.

It’s just a rainy day

Not a monsoon season


We shall not forget

Rainbow only appears

After it has rained

And the light has kissed the sky



A rainbow is a message

From the heavens up above

Colorful reflections

Sent to us with love

A rainbow is a symbol

Glowing bridge of arc

Showing light shines brightest

In the shadows of the dark

A rainbow is a story

From clouds and tears of rain

Revealing vibrant lights

Will always shine again

-Lisa Van Der Wielen


Rain is only temporary

We may recall the storm

But the sun comes again

And a rainbow is born


We don’t forget the damage

We don’t forget the pain

But we find a little beauty

And embrace it, just the same

Bringing hope for the future

It brightens the day

And promises that tomorrow 

Will be a little less gray



It is understood that the beauty of a rainbow

Does not negate the ravages of any storm

When a rainbow appears, it does not mean

The storm never happened or that we are not still

Dealing with its aftermath

It means that something beautiful and full of light has appeared

In the midst of the darkness and clouds

Storm clouds may still hover

But the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color

Energy and hope



Just when you think you will never see the light again

A rainbow so beautiful and precious comes along

To remind you

Just how bright your world can be