Beya’s Journey: 

I have PCOS and my ovulation was tricky to determine using just oral BBT and OPKs. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, and after having an HSG scan it showed my right Fallopian tube was completely blocked. This was devastating news for me as I was approaching 40 years old and I knew my chances biologically were diminishing, but now I had hormonal imbalances, structural reproductive concerns that cut my chance of a natural pregnancy in half due to my one working tube that I had to try and manage; the chronic pain that I was told only could possibly be reduced by taking birth control, and that a “cure” for other concerns didn’t exist and treatment was a hysterectomy. 

But still I was focused on my health and wellness and wanted to do everything I could to try and shift things into my favor. I explored weight loss surgery and started looking for other ways to take control of my health from the inside out. If hormonal imbalances were a huge issue for me, how could I fix them? How could I gain more insight on my body and how it worked? That was the goal. 

Discovering New Options for Monitoring at Home

In my research for a better way to care for my body, I first saw an ad on social media that showcased other women’s stories on their journeys with fertility concerns and highlighted OvuSense as being a true one of a kind product that worked! I thought it sounded like a great idea but was still a bit apprehensive. Why wouldn’t I be? I had just spent 21 years of my life assuming no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sustain a pregnancy if I would even be able to get pregnant. 

I also had looked into IVF and know people who went that route initially and it was very hard on them emotionally, financially, and physically. I wanted to try something else less invasive first, if possible. OvuSense seemed like a great start beyond what I had already been doing (which was a lot by most people’s standards). 

It all sounded too good to be true but with trial and error often comes success right? Determined to give it an honest try I obtained a discount code and took the plunge! Best decision I could have ever made, and I haven’t stopped telling others about it since!

Gaining New Insight & Sustaining a Pregnancy

By using OvuSense, I gained a lot of insight on my temps and tracking and being mindful of my body and that I in fact was NOT broken as I had assumed for so long. It was worth every penny. I wrote the following statement that I haven’t shared with anyone but the Facebook group in private but it speaks so clearly about my experience. 

Feeling like I’m not broken, like PCOS didn’t win, like all the HARD life/medical choices I made have paid off..

I cannot be happier but omg I am nervous!!  I’m also so thankful and know I’m blessed. This is my 3rd cycle with OvuSense and my miracle has finally come true. I am still trying to accept it all as reality. I’m so worried I won’t be strong enough, that my body can’t handle it, that it’s all just a dream...(ok not really a dream cause I feel every emotion, my back hurts, I’m dizzy off and on, and nausea is for sure at the helm lol, but you get my point ). 

I’m just a ball of know I can bring life into this world, that my body isn’t broken, that I can do this! I pray for the same for you all.

I’m sharing here to 1. Give everyone trying some hope - I have only been pregnant once in my life and I didn’t carry to term. That was 21yrs ago! So it finally did happen for me! 2. Because since we haven’t shared the news with family and friends aside from one who’s a nurse when I was having severe sharp pains and cramps, I had to share my joy with all you amazing people!

After a long road to this space I am now in, I hope my journey helps other women who are currently struggling. You can follow my story on my Instagram @fitgirlbeya.