Caroline is 28 and has been trying to conceive for the last 3 years. After stopping the contraceptive pill, Caroline noticed that she started to gain weight and began to notice an increase in bodily hair.

Around this time, to help identify when she was fertile, Caroline decided to purchase a Clearblue fertility monitor. After a while she felt that the monitor she purchased just wasn’t working for her. "I have a whole drawer full of OPKs and strips, and I kept getting let down by them as I never experienced a peak when using them. I just knew that something wasn’t right".

Caroline decided to go to her GP and find out more information. Her GP was fantastic and immediately put her forward for series of blood tests including thyroid. Strangely, she thought, these tests all came back as normal. Her GP then sent Caroline for an ultrasound scan. Unfortunately, the scan confirmed that she has PCOS. A devastated Caroline was referred to a Fertility Specialist shortly after.

Caroline’s family paid for her to see a private Fertility Specialist hoping that she would get better care, more quickly. Having gone privately, the expectation was high and Caroline was hoping to be put forward for more tests and medication beyond what her GP was able to do for her.

However, Caroline was left feeling incredibly disappointed. "Basically, the specialist told me to lose weight and that’s pretty much it. I was told that if I lost weight, I’d get pregnant. I came out of the appointment and cried in the car park. I was willing and prepared to pay for whatever medication I needed. I felt let down."

After this, Caroline decided to go back to her own GP who referred Caroline (and her husband) to their local hospital fertility clinic. This turned out to be a very different and a more positive experience for Caroline and her husband. "The second consultant prescribed Metformin for me which helped me lose some weight. However, I can’t have Clomid until I lose a certain total amount of weight."

It was around this time that Caroline entered and won a competition to win OvuSense at the Mother and Baby Show in Birmingham. She says, "OvuSense helped me to see when I’m ovulating. No other product could tell me that. I got myself stuck in such a rut and felt so down that getting pregnant was never going to happen unless I lose weight; so to find out that I am ovulating, made me feel loads better and more in control."

ovulation chart

Caroline goes onto say, "I assumed I would ovulate a lot earlier in my cycle - like day 14, regardless. No way would I have known that I actually ovulate so late in my cycle if it wasn’t for using OvuSense. All the tests I had previously didn’t pick this up. I actually took the blood test before I ovulated so it showed in my results that I wasn’t ovulating (when I actually probably was). OnlyOvuSense told me this vital information about my cycle, no other product or test did."

"My cycles were long and regular, but thanks to OvuSense I now know I ovulate late in each cycle. The GP said it was helpful to have so much information. As I had evidence that I ovulated late, this caused me to have a too short luteal phase. The doctor put me on medication to bring my cycles forward as a result. I’d definitely recommend using OvuSense to anyone; I literally tell everyone about OvuSense!" 

Caroline was put on medication by her doctor and two months later, Caroline ovulated much earlier in her cycle. "The first two months, I still ovulated on day 21 of a 29 day cycle, but then the third month my ovulation happened on day 15! I would have totally missed it if it wasn't for OvuSense as I didn't have any other signs of ovulation!":  


Then THIS happened, two weeks later:

positive pregnancy test

Allow us to introduce Caroline's baby, at 12 weeks and 5 days - due 26th November 2015: 

Caroline says, "Well ladies after 3yrs 4mths of TTC it's finally happened! If you need any proof that Ovusense works, I am officially it! Thank you so much for your continued support which I will still need on this scary journey!"

Not only is Caroline an OvuSense user, she is also now an Admin of the PCOS Fertility Support Group, sponsored by OvuSense.

Best of luck Caroline! We couldn't be more pleased for you!! xx