Hey, my name is Emma! I’m 29 years old and my husband is 33. I have struggled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) since puberty. When I say I struggled, I mean it was a daily battle. My periods were nonexistent and when they did appear, they were few and far between. I was then diagnosed with an ovarian tumor, and that came with its own issues. After removing the tumor, I experienced further complications and my PCOS spiraled. 

Finding Hope with OvuSense

In January of 2022, my husband and I saw a little light when my doctor offered me a blind trial of letrozole or Clomid. I quickly checked online what product was best in the market for individuals with PCOS and irregular ovulation and soon found OvuSense was best rated. After ordering my OvuCore sensor online, I was very excited and hopeful for the first time in a long time. 

Getting that Long-Awaited BFP!

After I began using my sensor, it was amazing to watch my cycles improve. I soon knew when to expect fluctuations and dips. The cycle we conceived I knew straight away my chart was completely different from any before – I recorded my highest ever temp! In addition, OvuSense made it easy to pinpoint ovulation, which aided follicle scans and progesterone tests to be as accurate as possible. I was absolutely thrilled to share my BFP with the OvuSense Users Group on Facebook – a support group for the OvuSense community. 

Thanks to OvuSense

I would highly recommend OvuSense to anyone, not just anyone with PCOS or trying to conceive. Literally, anyone!!! We fully intend to continue using OvuSense once our little one is here, in order to track fertile windows, etc. OvuSense is the best thing I’ve ever bought! 

After 4+ years of trying, I truly believe it led us to conceive! Thank you to OvuSense!