happy new year message

As 2023 comes to a close, we at OvuSense are reflecting on all of the positive events of the past year, such as the World Health Organization officially declaring the end of the pandemic, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour boosting the U.S. economy (she’s coming for Europe in 2024!), and much more. Beyond world events, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at the positive experiences that those within our TTC community had this year. And if 2023 wasn’t the year that you became pregnant, know that hope is just around the corner in 2024!

Clara’s Rainbow Baby

clara with partner and baby

After several years of trying to get pregnant with no success, I came across OvuSense. I was immediately intrigued by the statements of its accuracy because I have never had regular cycles and I had trouble knowing when I was ovulating. I got tired of taking ovulation tests every morning and night, and sometimes I would just forget. When I finally purchased my OvuSense monitor, it only took a couple of months for me to understand my cycles and confirm that I was ovulating every month! After five cycles, I got my first positive test. Unfortunately, we lost that baby, but 15 months later I got pregnant while using OvuSense again and we later had our rainbow baby!

Beyond the accuracy of their technology, OvuSense also offers impeccable customer service. Their team members and customer support are extremely helpful and they always answer my questions promptly. I have recommended OvuSense to friends and family members and I will continue to do so. I’m very thankful for OvuSense and the beautiful blessing it helped bring into our family.

Laura’s Positive Change in Her TTC Journey

laura positive pregnancy test

I have the greatest appreciation for the incredible science behind OvuSense! I can not recommend the sensor enough as a mum of one who is pregnant again with baby number two, which I 100% believe were both successfully conceived with OvuSense.

I’ve always had irregular periods with my cycles ranging between 19-50 days, which I know is far from the textbook “perfect” 28-day cycle. After discussing this with my doctor, she recommended using OvuSense to work out what was going on with my cycles, and it was the best advice ever.

After using the sensor for a few months, I learned so much more about my cycles and grew to understand them. I 100% attribute this to falling pregnant twice. Differing from the supposed typical day of ovulation (14), I ovulated on days 20 and 22 for the months I fell pregnant. If it hadn’t been for the sensor, we may have stopped trying after passing the “key date”. I literally wouldn’t even try for a baby again without OvuSense and if it weren’t for the sensor, I believe we’d still be trying. I genuinely can’t recommend it enough.

Special thanks and mention must also be given to the exceptional support available from OvuSense - the response times were always within a few hours of asking queries to understand my chart, etc., which meant a lot, as TTC is quite a time-sensitive process, so such prompt responses were very appreciated.

Forever grateful x

Sending Lots of Baby Dust for 2024!

If you became pregnant or welcomed your little one in 2023, congratulations! If your TTC journey did not look exactly how you imagined it to be, we are hopeful that your BFP is around the corner. On behalf of the team at OvuSense, we’re sending lots of well wishes and baby dust for the New Year.