This week on our blog, we're sharing the experience of one of our users, Katrina, who recently started the blog "Optimistically Hopeful" to share her experience with infertility. Read on to learn more about her journey, why she decided to give OvuSense a try, and how it's helped her so far. 

Katrina's Experience:

I experienced a miscarriage in October of 2018. Shortly after that, my husband and I conceived in February 2019. Unfortunately, we delivered our daughter at 20 weeks. After delivering our daughter it became challenging for me to track my ovulation which has made it hard for us to conceive again. It was then that I began my search for something that could help me along this journey. 

Through my searching, I discovered OvuSense and I am so grateful for this product. OvuSense has helped me to take control of my fertility journey. I started fertility treatment and had an IUI scheduled but I ended up cancelling it. With OvuSense, I was able to see that I had already ovulated and the IUI would have been performed too late. This little monitor has saved me some big bucks and I cannot express how grateful I am for OvuSense.

Additionally, I recently created my Instagram page and blog – Optimistically Hopeful – as a safe space to be able to share my journey in hopes of helping others that might be on this journey. I found myself feeling isolated and I was tired of feeling this way. You can follow my journey on Instagram at @optimisticallyhopeful and my blog