I would like to provide the below testimonial, as OvuSense really did work for me!

In April 2017, following increasingly erratic periods and some high FSH readings (40+), I was told by an NHS fertility consultant that I was in premature menopausal transition and that I could expect to enter full menopause within the next 6-9 months.   I was aged 41 at that time.

He said that my chances of natural conception using my own eggs during that timeframe were 5%, and advised that infertility counselling - together with consideration of donated eggs - were my only options.

I felt that I had been 'written off' due to my age, I declined information on either option and walked out of the consultant's office in a numb, devastated state, trying to process the fact that my husband and I would probably never have a child that was genetically ours.

I had bought OvuSense some months previously, but had neglected to use it consistently as following purchase I began to suspect that I had some sort of hormonal imbalance impacting on my fertility.  Now that I had been told I had 6-9 months to go before menopause, I dedicated myself to using ovusense every month to try and find out whether I was still ovulating.  5% was still a chance, right?

 In June and July 2017, two consecutive ovulatory cycles were detected by OvuSense, and intercourse timed accordingly.   Late July I noticed that my temperature remained at a high sometime after ovulation had ended, and wondered if I could possibly be pregnant.  To our amazement and delight, I was, and am now in my third trimester of a thus-far uneventful healthy pregnancy.

I have so much to thank OvuSense for and would recommend it to anyone - with such an erratic menstrual cycle I found it otherwise impossible to know when I was entering my ovulation window.  I highly recommend ovusense to anyone hoping to have one last stab at natural conception before moving on to consider other options.

 I think the OvuSense was the best money I ever spent - in March there will be a new little girl in the world, who simply wouldn't have existed otherwise.

I am still trying to mentally process it all - having gone from swinging in-and-out of menopause, with missed periods, hot flushes, dry skin, etc. in the first half of last year, to morning sickness and various other pregnancy symptoms in the latter half!

Thank you again, J.R. x