OvuCore sensorExciting news! We have expanded our range of fertility monitoring products that work with the OvuSense App. To help distinguish between our fertility solutions, the fertility monitor you know as OvuSense will now be called "OvuCore." It is the same clinically proven, easy-to-use vaginal sensor that measures continuous core body temperature (cCBT), just with a new name! Moving forward, our family brand name will now be OvuSense.

Why the Name Change? What Can I Expect?

With the launch of the OvuSense Pro clinician portal last year, we have decided to introduce a ‘family’ of products in the market, with naming that clearly indicates each product’s key benefits.

The OvuCore sensor will continue to be manufactured in the same way, and the only change you will see is the branding on the packaging and website. It’s the same amazing fertility monitor, just with a new name! 

The family concept fits well with our regulatory approval as a class II medical device, using the same OvuSense App as the user interface that our customers are already using. Don’t worry, if you’re already using OvuCore, there are no changes you need to be wary of!

With the launch of OvuSense Pro, our OvuCore community (formerly OvuSense community) can upgrade to OvuSense Pro to enable them to work directly with their OB/GYN, GP or fertility specialist to enable screening for common fertility issues and tracking for medication and treatment.

OvuSense’s Family Commitment to TTC Women 

We may have a new name, but our amazing fertility monitor is the same. Continue reading below to hear from real women who have achieved their fertility goals with the help of the OvuSense family:

“I am currently [pregnant] and we are thrilled. Without the help from OvuSense we would not have gotten here.” - Miranda, who had been trying to conceive since 2016. Learn more about Miranda’s journey here

“Without OvuSense, it could’ve possibly taken me a lot longer to get pregnant. By using this little magic sensor I was able to see that I was indeed ovulating and so there was hope in getting pregnant. So much so that I am now mum to a beautiful 3 month old little boy that I love endlessly.” -Lisa, who became pregnant on her third cycle of using OvuCore, after months and months of trying to conceive. Learn more about Lisa’s story here

“By using OvuSense, I gained a lot of insight on my temps and tracking and being mindful of my body and that I in fact was NOT broken as I had assumed for so long. It was worth every penny...this is my 3rd cycle with OvuSense and my miracle has finally come true.” - Beya, who after 21 years of trying to conceive, became pregnant with her miracle baby. Read more about Beya’s journey here

If you would like to read more from other real women who have used OvuCore, and their experiences, check out their testimonials.