Ladies, it is with pleasure that I am over the moon to tell you all that I am pregnant again. Baby No. 2 is on the way, due March 2018!  I conceived with OvuSense 3 years before this after 18 years of trying.

I knew I was from my Ovusense chart, sadly and annoyingly I missed a week of using it! I really want to know what happened in that gap but the end result is the same. ❤️

Doctors said I'd never have children without IVF...pfffft. Prolactinoma, screw you. PCOS, suck it. MTHFR, kiss my Ass!

Eight years trying for my first, 2 months for my second. I've beaten all the odds twice now and so can you. Don't give up!

I bought an Ovusense which linked me to the amazing OvuSense Users Group when it was in its infancy. Got talking to some lovely ladies who are now my friends. Through this group, learned a lot about Metformin so I started to take it regularly, even though it made me feel like crap. And I made some positive changes in my diet. All info from this group and amazing women who comment and post there!

Ovusense helped me to understand my cycles better. I learned we were doing it at all the wrong times and I didn't ovulate every month. It took away a lot of heartache for me.

3 months later, I conceived my first baby who is now a toddler.

Since then, I've switched to inositol away from horrid Metformin and continued to improve my symptoms using b vitamins and omega 3. I've also been avoiding processed or fortified foods and soy.

I didn't expect to conceive my second so quickly, I can only put it down to the positive changes and supplements.  Many ask me in the trying to conceive groups that I belong to what supplements and changes that helped me.

Here's a list of what worked for me (I'm not medically trained, this is just based on my personal experience):

- 2000mg Myo Inositol
- 50mg D Chiro Inositol
- B Vitamin Complex
- Omega 3

 Avoidance of:
- Soy (endocrine hormone disruptor)
- Processed Foods
- Refined Sugars

Minimal portions of:
- Dairy (dairy contains hormones from pregnant cows that can confuse our bodies)
- Gluten (affects your thyroid health if intolerant or sensitive)
- Alcohol
- Red Meat (pumped full of hormones)

I tried to eat as much as 7 portions of fruit and veg a day. Organic if I could afford it, to avoid pesticides.

I completely avoid NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory drugs are bad. Many of the bodies processes are inflammatory. Including ovulation, as such anti-inflammatory drugs can delay or even stop ovulation.

Using my Ovusense has helped me understand my cycles and when I'm actually ovulating or not...first pregnancy, came within 3 months of trying, second pregnancy came within 2 months.

You have to advocate for yourself!  Use OvuSense to see what your cycles are like and then make the changes (and track the change with OvuSense) to help yourself conceive.

Best of luck,

Kirsty xx

Watch Kirsty's video testimonial for her first OvuSense baby here: