After learning that her mother struggled with her fertility, Priscilla always worried she would encounter the same fate. Then, after experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant, a PCOS diagnosis, and a miscarriage, Priscilla was told by her doctors that she would need to turn to fertility treatments. Determined to take a more natural route, Priscilla went on a physical and spiritual healing journey. 

When the time was right to TTC again, Priscilla realized OPKs were not helping her pinpoint ovulation. It was then that she discovered OvuSense. Today, thanks to OvuSense, Priscilla has two beautiful children and is excited to begin her journey TTC baby #3. Hear more about Priscilla’s story, in her own words, below. 

Investigating Her Fertility Struggles

My journey began in December of 2014. In my mind, I knew fertility struggles may be a path I could experience. My mother struggled with her fertility and it took years for her to get pregnant with me. I internalized this as my own story (side note: mental health is so important on your fertility journey. Don't take on someone else's story, because it doesn't mean yours will be the same). 

After a few years, a PCOS diagnosis, and a miscarriage, my doctors told me I wouldn't get pregnant naturally and should seek fertility treatments starting with Clomid. I decided that was not right for me. I was determined to heal my body naturally and learn how to help others do the same. I became a certified women's Health Coach, Herbalist, and Yoga instructor. I found many underlying causes of my fertility struggles and went on a healing journey. 

Finding OvuSense & Lots of Baby Dust!

Flash forward to actually trying for a baby again, now knowing I'm cycling and ovulating regularly, I was hitting a wall pinpointing my ovulation day with OPK strips. Finally, after researching options online, I discovered OvuSense. With OvuCore, I was able to see exactly what my cycle was doing every day. Six months later, I was overjoyed to learn I was pregnant! I delivered a healthy baby boy at 39 weeks and 6 days. 

Two years later, we were ready for baby number two. Our journey to baby number one had taken five years, but with OvuSense, we achieved our second pregnancy in three short months! I was overjoyed to give birth to another healthy baby at 40 weeks. 

TTC #3 with OvuCore

Now, we're ready for baby number three and of course, OvuCore will be on the journey with us - I would have it no other way. Thank you OvuSense, my family and I cannot thank you enough! We are so hopeful and excited to see what this next chapter brings.