Stephanie and her partner’s fertility journey began years ago when they realized it was difficult for them to get pregnant. Although it took them several years, they were so happy that they were able to become pregnant and welcome their first child into the world. More recently, as they began trying for their second child, Stephanie learned she had PCOS. In search of answers and information about their fertility, Stephanie and her husband began using OvuSense with ExSeed, an at-home sperm analysis kit. They appreciated the accurate and timely information that both of these devices provided them with, without the hassle of going into a doctor’s office. 

Now, Stephanie and her husband are feeling more optimistic about trying to conceive baby #2. Armed with the knowledge of their bodies and fertility, they are looking forward to the day they become pregnant again. 

A Challenging Start and Discovering OvuSense

My partner and I have had a long journey trying to conceive, with it taking over three years to fall pregnant with our daughter, Maisie. Our daughter has been the greatest blessing, but over time we yearned to grow our beautiful family. We began trying for our second baby but struggled, and unfortunately, I was diagnosed with PCOS. This has made things challenging for us, as I had no indication of when I was going to ovulate. Although we were not ready to give up, we were at a standstill of what to do. 

When searching for solutions to help track my irregular ovulation, we came across OvuSense and decided OvuCore would be the best fit for us, since it is specifically designed to predict ovulation for irregular cycles and PCOS. When first using OvuCore, I immediately noticed how comfortable it is and easy to use. It has really helped me get to know my body better by understanding patterns in my cycle. OvuSense has also been useful when attending fertility appointments, as the graphs and information are readily available on a handy app, so I can easily discuss these patterns with my doctor. I also LOVE the support I have received from others within the OvuSense community, and the team behind the sensor is just fantastic!

Tracking the Full Package with OvuSense and ExSeed 

Although we loved our OvuSense sensor, my husband and I were interested in taking things one step further by learning even more about our fertility as a couple. We decided to try ExSeed in order to gather as much information as possible. ExSeed is an at-home sperm testing device that allows men to track their total motile sperm count with >95% proven accuracy, and understand their sperm quality. We both had a positive experience in using ExSeed, with my husband particularly liking how simple it was to use, and the fact that you get your results within a few minutes. This not only reassured us, but also offered us some additional guidance along our journey.  

Using ExSeed together with OvuSense has not only given me and my husband more information about our fertility, but it has eased the stress by eliminating all the waiting around for answers. Unlike doctors appointments and phone calls, you can use OvuSense and ExSeed at home, which is much more private and yields immediate results. Not only that, but the information you are given can help improve your future chances of fertility. We only wish we had found OvuSense and ExSeed sooner!

Feeling Hopeful in TTC Baby #2

We can’t thank OvuSense and ExSeed enough for taking the pressure away and giving both me and my husband such helpful information from the comfort of our home. While it has been a difficult journey at times, we are so grateful for all that we have learned. Now, we are filled with hope and excited to continue our journey with OvuSense. We look forward to one day sharing our pregnancy news for baby #2!