With summer upon us, and traveling restrictions easing - showing an end to the pandemic within sight - many are ready to travel and once again explore the world. Vacations are a great opportunity to kick back, relax, and spend quality time with your significant other or loved ones. However, if you and your partner have been trying to conceive, it might seem challenging to prioritize TTC while away from the comfort of your home. But fear not, just because you are ready to lounge at the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t still find time for babymaking! Continue reading below for some suggestions on how you can prioritize conception while still enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Sensor Packed and Ready to Hit the Road

We’ve all been there before - you arrive at your destination and open your luggage, only to realize you’ve forgotten to pack something important for your trip! To prevent this from happening, start a packing list at least a week prior to your trip in order to stay organized and give yourself time to brainstorm everything that you may possibly need. Then, add your OvuSense fertility sensor to the top of your list! When traveling, your cycle can fluctuate as you adapt to new environments, potentially making it harder to track ovulation. Luckily, with OvuSense as your trusty sidekick, this won’t be a problem! Plus, it may even be one of the smaller items that you fit in your luggage, and certainly won’t put your bag over the weight limit! 

Set A Reminder to Wear Your Sensor 

While on vacation, you might find yourself preoccupied with daily excursions, dinners out, and late evenings on the town. Help yourself remember to wear your sensor each evening by setting a nightly alarm or a reminder on your phone. Try to think of wearing your sensor as part of your nightly routine - you wouldn't stop brushing your teeth and washing your face just because you were on holiday, would you? You’ll be sure to thank us later! 

Prioritize Relaxation 

It can be difficult to prioritize TTC when you are stressed out or anxious. If you tend to feel tense, try using your time away to truly mellow out and relax. Finding ways to ease your mind and be peaceful - such as through medication, reading a good book, or simply soaking up some sun - will make baby dancing even more enjoyable. This much-needed break from demanding schedules and the hectic everyday life can be a good way to disconnect from the rest of the world and just focus on you and your partner, both in and out of bed.

Find Opportunities To Be Alone

Now, vacations might not always be just the two of you! If you’re on a family vacation rather than a couples retreat, don’t let time spent with your relatives get in the way of being intimate and connecting with your partner. It’s okay not to spend every minute of every day with your extended family while on vacation! Instead, take time alone, book separate rooms, or stay at a different location than the rest of your family. If you’re hoping to focus on baby making while on vacation, this will ensure that you don’t get distracted from your mission. To further set the mood and change things up, try creating an atmosphere that helps you and your partner feel as though you are in a new and exciting space. Not only will this ignite some serious passion, it will also provide variety from your normal TTC routine. 

Take a Break From the Alcohol

Vacations are often a time to let loose and indulge. However, if you are TTC or planning to get pregnant, taking a break from alcohol or avoiding over-indulging is one way that you can help to best prepare your body for conception. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other indulgences that you can enjoy, such as delicious food, a day at the spa, or other fun adventures. This one small step may help you to prioritize TTC, while also enjoying all of the other amazing perks your vacation has in store for you.

Pack the Extras

Don’t forget to pack any extra items that may aid in your conception journey, or even just help you to feel your best! You may want to bring your prenatal vitamins along, which help to balance your reproductive hormones and support fertility. Additionally, make sure to pack an outfit or accessory that helps you feel confident - whether it is your favorite bra, outfit to hit the town in, or a new bathing suit. Not only will feeling your best make your vacation more enjoyable, but it will also help get you into the mood for some baby making! 

Just because you are taking some well-deserved time off this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t still focus on conception while away. We hope these tips help you to prioritize TTC, while also enjoying a fun and relaxing getaway. By making a few changes to your typical vacation, you can easily make TTC an effortless part of your trip.

To learn more about OvuSense’s full suite of fertility monitoring solutions, including options for women who are just starting out, have been trying to conceive for 6+ months, or those working with providers, visit ovusense.com.