My wife and I wanted a baby and so we started looking for a donor in 2011. As we are a same-sex couple, obviously our only choice is to use donor sperm in order to conceive. It’s hard work to find the right donor and with AI (artificial insemination) but we are proof that miracles can happen!

Obviously, timing it all is really critical with a donor as you have to know exactly when you are ovulating and you only get one chance each month and you don't want to waste it! We found OvuSense and bought it thinking it would help us to get pregnant (and it did!). Just 3 cycles and it happened for us!

We found 2 different donors which didn’t work out well. We then we found our 3rd and final donor and got pregnant on 3rd cycle using OvuSense to time it and inseminating at home. We’re so happy and excited to be pregnant!  Three cycles with OvuSense and it happened!

Our first cycle as you can see by the below chart my wife’s temps plummeted right after ovulation and we were out straight away, unfortunately.

Sharlayne and Lori OvuSense screenshot 1

You can see by cycle 1 and cycle 2 we kind of had an idea of when my wife was ovulating - she seemed to ovulate around the same time of the month according to OvuSense - looking at Cycle 1 and Cycle 2, so finding this out was really helpful.   As we knew this, we then were able to time it with our donor in advance and give him plenty of notice.

Sharlayne and Lori OvuSense screenshot 2

The only thing we changed the 3rd month when inseminating the donor sperm was to a long thin 5ml syringe and used Conceive Plus applicators (alongside timing of ovulation with OvuSense) and this worked!  We were pregnant after 3 cycles using OvuSense to time it.

The OvuSense Users Group also was really helpful in supporting my wife and me.  We posted pictures of our charts and got support from the group.  We felt really supported along our journey.  I'm their biggest fan now and tell everyone in every group I'm in to buy OvuSense! OvuSense has taught me a lot and will continue to use the group indefinitely to help others achieve their dream just like we did!

Sharlayne and Lori OvuSense screenshot 3

We can’t wait to welcome our new baby and make our family complete.  We hope this story gives other couples a bit of hope. You CAN get pregnant using donor sperm and inseminating at home - we are living proof of it.

Thank you,

Sharlayne and Lori xx