Whether you’ve been using OvuSense for some time now or are just considering ordering a sensor, you likely still have some questions about how everything works. For example, can OvuSense help with super-long cycles? What happens if your toddler wakes up in the middle of the night and your data is skewed? Can you wear OvuSense on an airplane? Don’t worry – our OvuSense experts are answering all of those questions and more. So wherever you are in your TTC journey, we’ve got you covered!


Question: I Have PCOS – Which OvuSense Product Is Right For Me?

Answer: If you have PCOS or irregular cycles, we recommend the OvuSense Advanced Fertility Monitor. Suited to track all cycles, the OvuSense Advanced can predict your ovulation in real-time and has a clinically proven ovulation detection rate of 99%.

Check out our quiz to find out which OvuSense monitor is best suited to your needs.

Still unsure? Our Friendly Customer Support Team is available 7 days per week, to answer any questions that you may have. Simply click on the Live Chat Window or contact us here.

Question: I Need To Delete A Download – What Can I Do?

Answer: Simply tap on the Help button via your OvuSense App to reach our friendly Customer Support Team. Here, they will be able to access your account and remove any data points that have been downloaded by mistake.

Question: I Can’t Understand My Chart – Am I Ovulating?

Answer: Interpreting your chart can be daunting at first, but the more you use your sensor, the easier it becomes to track your cycles. There are lots of helpful tips and information available on how to read your charts.

Go to the OvuSense App > Help > Understanding My Charts & Cycles. Find helpful tips and explanations on how OvuSense uses your data to predict and detect ovulation. You can also reach out to our Customer Support Team, who can help you review your chart. We also have a private Facebook group, “OvuSense Users Group”, where users and admin experts can review charts, answer questions, and share advice.

Question: Can I Share My Data With My Doctor Ahead Of My Fertility Appointment?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! If you have the Flex, Annual, or OneTime Subscription, you will also have access to the OvuSense Pro Portal. This allows you to share your detailed cycle information remotely with your chosen practitioner.

Question: I Have Super Long Cycles – Can I Use OvuSense?

Answer: Yes! The OvuSense app is designed to track up to 250 days in any one cycle. Unlike other calendar-based trackers, OvuSense calculates ovulation in real-time based on your temperatures and does not rely on your cycle dates.

Question: I’m In My Fertile Window And Forgot To Use My Sensor Last Night. Will My Ovulation No Longer Be Accurately Detected This Month Since I Missed This Day?

Answer: OvuSense can sometimes confirm despite missing data! However, if there are multiple days of missing data and/or the data turns out to be on key dates, this can prevent the detection and subsequent confirmation of ovulation. If OvuSense cannot be at least 99% confident that ovulation has occurred, then it will not provide a confirmation.

Question: What Benefit Does OvuSense Have When You’re Doing A Transfer?

Answer: Wearing the sensor after a transfer will enable you to monitor how stable your progesterone levels are! 

Question: I’m Looking To Purchase An OvuCore But I’m Woken Up By My 1-Year-Old. Will The Sensor Still Work Correctly For Me?

Answer: It depends on how long you’re up for and how much you move around. If it’s 10-15 minutes, this should be fine. Just be sure you exclude any time spent up from the total s

ix hours of wear. For example, if you’re up for 15 minutes, wear the sensor for a minimum of 6 hours and 15 minutes. Any spikes or anomalies in your temperature log caused by movement will be filtered out when calculating your average temperature for the night, so you must collect enough usable data.

Question: I’m Having An Overnight Flight Meaning I Won’t Be Able To Track My Temperature Accurately. Should I Still Wear My Sensor Or Not At All? I’m Worried If I Miss Doing It, It Will Mess Up My Temperatures For The Month. 

Answer: We don’t recommend wearing the sensor unless you are asleep or at complete rest, as too much movement can impact your temperature. I would recommend that you don’t wear your sensor. OvuSense can still go on to detect ovulation if the odd day is missed – as long as the missed data doesn’t follow in your fertile window.

Question: My Trend Line Has Never Turned Green, It Has Always Stayed Orange. I’ve Always Had Confirmed Ovulation On The App And With

 Blood Tests. Is It A Bad Thing That It Hasn’t Changed? 

Answer: For the OvuFirst, the line that is used to predict ovulation is orange/maroon. The green line is for OvuCore!

Now You’re An OvuSense Expert!

If you too had one of these questions, we hope we were able to clear up any confusion. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team using our customer support form, Facebook, or Instagram! As always, we’re sending you lots of baby dust on your fertility journey!