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Note: as a regulated medical device, OvuSense is still shipping during the covid-19 restrictions

What's included?

  • Free fertility nurse consultation after 3 cycles, worth 150
  • 90 day 100% money back guarantee: click here to find out more
  • Vaginal sensor + protective storage bag
  • Subscription to download data to the OvuSense App
  • 'Getting Started' information
  • Round the clock technical and chart support 7 days a week
  • Free online clinics from fertility experts
  • Dedicated OvuSense Users Facebook Group
  • 20% of the money you spend with us goes to our continuing funding of fertility clinical research and development
What's in the box?

OvuSense Starter Packs

Now youre ready to join the OvuSense community, and continue your fertility journey, these packs contain all you need to get started, you just need to decide on the most suitable subscription length for you.

60 days subscription

OvuSense Starter Pack with
FREE 2 Months Subscription


In Stock

After the 2 months simply EXTEND your subscription

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OvuSense Starter Pack

$299 Best value

In Stock

Only $17.00 per month for extra 10 months

Money Back

100% money back guarantee

We are confident that OvuSense will confirm if and when you are ovulating. So if you use it for 90 days and ovulation is not detected, you will receive a full refund to help you seek clinical advice and treatment if needed. If you ordered a 12 Month Starter Pack, you'll also get to continue to use any outstanding subscription you originally paid for.

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Already use OvuSense? Extend your existing subscription

If youre already using OvuSense, you only need to purchase an extension to your initial subscription.

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30-day Subscription

Renews every 30 days and you can cancel whenever you like.


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12-month Subscription

Purchase 12 months today and receive a 50% discount compared to the 30 day subscription.

$210 Best value