When thinking about growing your family, finances are one of the first considerations that come to mind. Even before you get to baby gear, there’s a lot of medical costs to consider, from regular testing throughout your pregnancy to devices that may help you track fertility in the first place. If you have an HSA or FSA with your health insurance, good news! There are a ton of products and services associated with fertility treatment qualified for payment or reimbursement with these accounts, including OvuSense.

What Is An HSA?

If you are enrolled in a high-deductible insurance plan in the United States, it is likely that you qualify for an HSA, or Health Savings Account that allows you to pay for medical expenses that you would have to pay for out-of-pocket. These accounts are tax-exempt, meaning money goes in tax-free, comes out tax-free, and can earn interest tax-free.

What About An FSA?

Similar to an HSA, an FSA is a Flexible Spending Account that can be used for medical expenses, dental care, and vision care. The contributions towards the account are deducted from your salary before taxes, reducing your taxable income, but they cannot be rolled over yearly.

What Can I Use It For?

Your HSA will likely come with checks or a debit-card, making purchases convenient and instant. It can be used for various products that support overall health and wellbeing, including the OvuSense device, home medical tests (pregnancy tests, sperm tests), breast pumps, thermometers, prenatal vitamins, and more.

To check out an extended list of HSA-eligible products, read here. Similarly, FSAs will likely come with a debit card, or you will have to submit documentation (receipts usually suffice) for reimbursement. There are a plethora of FSA-eligible medical items - check some out here.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you have a qualified health insurance plan that provides the option for an HSA or FSA and you enroll, you may be able to purchase OvuSense with it. Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify.