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OvuSense Ultimate Bundle (OvuFirst + OvuCore)

OvuSense Ultimate Bundle

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Get pregnant faster with the most accurate wearable fertility monitor available + free OvuCore vaginal sensor for a limited time

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Terms and Conditions of offer: As part of our environmental policy, we will send out the OvuCore sensor on request by contacting support anytime within 3 months of placing your order.

HSA/FSA eligible product.In most cases, HSA/FSA plans cover fertility monitors. You will need to check the details of your individual plan to confirm what is covered. We accept HSA or FSA debit/credit cards at checkout if covered by your plan.

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OvuFirst Fertility Monitor with Armband - Medium Size F: 23cm-34cm, 9in-13.5in   + $94.00

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Lifetime subscription to download data from your sensor*
Best value for your entire fertility journey
FREE fertility nurse consultation after three months
12 months OvuSense® Pro cycle pattern analysis
12 months Remote monitoring for your doctor

OvuSense Pro Subscription

One Off Payment

One Off Payment

One Off Payment

Permanent access to download data from your sensors*
Best value for your entire fertility journey
Free fertility nurse consultation after 3 months
OvuSense® Pro AI-powered cycle pattern analysis
Remote monitoring for your doctor
Permanent access to download data from your sensors*
OvuFirst skin-worn sensor starter pack
FREE fertility nurse consultation after three months
FREE OvuCore sensor when you request it
OvuSense® Pro AI-powered cycle pattern analysis
Remote monitoring for your doctor

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OvuSense Ultimate Bundle
OvuSense Ultimate Bundle (OvuFirst + OvuCore)

In stock

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    Product Details

    Knowing precisely when you ovulate is most often all you need to get pregnant

    Trying to Conceive Naturally?  Start out using the OvuFirst skin-worn sensor.  Daily upload of your data to the OvuSense App makes it the most accurate wearable ovulation tracker available.

    Getting more answers as your fertility journey progresses helps you stay in control. 

    At some stages of your journey you need some more answers. That's where our OvuCore vaginal sensor comes in. Use that with the same OvuSense App and you can:

    • Predict ovulation in real time - great if your ovulation sometimes occurs on a different day in your cycle
    • Perfectly time your blood and ultrasound tests with your doctor

    Lastly, use the included OvuSense Pro doctors portal, and you can:

    • Screen for common issues that make it harder to conceive like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    • Monitor changes to your diet or the effect of treatments

    You can switch between the sensors from one cycle to the next and get insights delivered every day to the free OvuSense app, whichever sensor you're using.

    HSA/FSA eligible product
    Clinically proven in 3 clinical studies
    Fully certified Class 2 Medical Device with FDA 510(k) clearance and MDSAP approval
    Round the clock technical and chart support 7 days a week, free online clinics with fertility experts
    90 day 100% money back guarantee; click here to find out more
    20% of the money you spend goes to our funding of clinical research and development
    *Sensor has battery life of 12 months. Replacement sensor can be purchased at cost price.
    The OvuFirst starter pack includes everything you need to get started on your fertility journey:
    Skin-worn sensor (12 months life) + storage bag + your choice of armband or wristband
    1 months data download from your sensor
    Upgrade at purchase to discounted 12 month subscription, or a monthly rolling subscription at a later date
    Works for all cycle types including PCOS
    FREE fertility nurse consultation after 3 cycles (with 12 month OvuSense Standard Subscription only)
    12 months OvuSense® Pro cycle pattern analysis (with OvuSense Pro Subscription only)
    12 months OvuSense® Pro treatment and medication tracking (with OvuSense Pro Subscription only)
    Remote monitoring for your doctor (with OvuSense Pro Subscription only)

    What's In The Box

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    * Sensors can be used for 12 consecutive months. Replacement sensor can be purchased at cost price.

    Click here to check out the terms of our free OvuCore advanced vaginal sensor guarantee.

    Some of our frequently asked questions

    We understand that making your decision to purchase is an informed one, we have complied a list of our FAQs.
      Is my mobile phone or tablet compatible with the OvuSense App?

      The OvuSense App is available for Android and Apple devices.

      The OvuSense App is compatible with Android devices that have built in NFC (near field communication). However, please note that the OvuSense App is not compatible the Samsung Ultra series and Huawei phones.

      For Apple devices, the OvuSense App is compatible with iPhone: 7, X and later models with built in NFC running iOS version 8 or later.

      What is the difference between a realtime prediction and confirmation from the OvuSense App?

      OvuSense uses separate algorithm methods for predicting and confirming ovulation. By using data from the OvuCore Sensor, your OvuSense App is able to tell you in advance during your cycle that ovulation may be about to happen using the current cycle data - that's what we call 'realtime prediction' and it's not possible using any other app or monitor that uses temperature.

      Along with your prediction, your OvuSense App will show a green shaded area of your 'ovulation window' on your graph, with the predicted day of ovulation shaded as a blue vertical line. The ovulation window is the four days immediately around ovulation, from one day before until two days after ovulation.

      The OvuCore Sensor data is then used by the OvuSense App to confirm the exact date of ovulation - again no other app or monitor can do that. Although other apps or monitors may provide you with an ovulation date, clinical data show the confirmations are only based on a window during which ovulation is detected to have occurred.

      The prediction method using the OvuCore Sensor has a clinically proven sensitivity of 89% meaning that it picks up 89/100 ovulations in advance, but a positive predictive value of 96% which means that 96/100 predictions it makes are correct. Combining the data gives an overall accuracy figure of 89% [1]. The OvuSense App algorithm that interprets the OvuCore data was deliberately designed not to give you the false hope of an ovulation if it might be wrong and that’s why it misses out some ovulations, but is good at getting them right when it does show one. The prediction message appears up to one day in advance of ovulation.

      Confirmation of ovulation with the OvuCore Sensor has a sensitivity of 99% meaning it picks up all but 1 in every 100 ovulations, and a positive predictive value of 100% meaning it’s gets them all right. Combining the data gives an overall accuracy figure of 99% [1].

      The confirmation of ovulation message is displayed by your OvuSense App 2-5 days after you have ovulated, by which time it has much more data to make the calculations and that’s the reason why it’s able to pick up more ovulations, more accurately.

      [1] The accuracy of ovulation confirmation by OvuSense is based on the data set originally published at the 2013 ASRM meeting as a quality index: Papaioannou S, Aslam M (2013), and developed in the key publication outlining the accuracy, sensitivity and positive predictive value of advance prediction of ovulation shown at the 2014 ESHRE meeting: Papaioannou S, Delkos D, Pardey J (2014).

      Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my OvuSense App?

      No, your mobile device does not need to connect to internet for it to work and connect your Sensor. The OvuSense App will work offline for up to 30 days and you will receive warnings when you need to connect again to the internet to back up your data

      Beyond day 30 all your previous data will be retained by the OvuSense App but you will no longer be able to connect your OvuSense Sensor until you have connected to the internet again.

      I work shift hours, which means I have irregular sleep patterns, can I still use OvuSense?

      You can use OvuSense if you work shifts as long as you have a regular pattern of sleep during a week or more. The most important thing is to wear the OvuSense sensor for a minimum of 6 hours while you are at rest.

      How is the OvuCore Sensor cleaned?

      The OvuCore Sensor is designed with medical grade materials that prevent growth of bacteria. The OvuCore Sensor is cleaned on first use, and before or after each use by washing it with unscented and fragrance free soap in warm water.

      Do I take the OvuCore Sensor out to have sex?

      Yes. We recommend that the OvuCore Sensor is reinserted after sex, to increase the amount of data collected.

      Where can I buy OvuSense?

      You can purchase OvuSense directly from the store on our website: Order Now.

      Before you buy OvuSense it's best to download the free OvuSense App first and set it up with a user name. To download the OvuSense App click one of these buttons:

      What will happen to my data if I stop for a month or so, or all together?

      You can stop and restart your subscription at any time. You will be able to access all the data you download from your sensors, and all the other information you enter in the OvuSense App indefinitely.

      Can I share my sensor with a friend and can she carry on with subscriptions to save money?

      As a regulated medical device, the sensor is strictly for your personal use only. Sharing it with others may present a hygiene risk. Each sensor is uniquely registered to your OvuSense App account, so your friend will need to set up her own account and purchase her own sensor.

      Are there any guarantees with OvuSense, or money back offers, if I am not successful in getting pregnant?

      At OvuSense, we never promise ovulation or pregnancy. OvuSense offers you extremely accurate information about your cycles that you can ‘do’ something with, even if that information isn’t great news. OvuSense is the only fertility monitor that will tell you if you have, and have NOT, ovulated each cycle . Finding out you haven’t ovulated consistently isn’t great news and that’s why we created the ‘OvuSense Ovulation Promise’. If you use OvuSense for 90 days in a row and ovulation is not detected, we will offer you the option to switch to an alternate sensor, or a full refund to help you seek clinical advice and treatment if that's needed. Click here to find out more.

      I’m worried about my data getting leaked. How is it protected?

      At OvuSense data security is the highest priority, your data is stored in an encrypted format in the cloud meaning it secure and cannot be deciphered. The cloud database we use complies with strict regulatory guidelines which includes security management to the ISO 27001 standard and personal data protection to the ISO 27018 standard.

      Who can see my data besides me?

      The data can only be seen by the users you have chosen to share your data with and the OvuSense Technical Support team. If you contact us with a question, our support team may view your data if doing so is necessary to solve your problem.

      We keep your Personal Information confidential and generally do not disclose it. Please note that we would never sell your Personal Information to any third parties, nor would we share your information to social networks or other public places unless we have received prior consent from you.

      Why do I need a subscription?

      A subscription is required to download and process your data from the sensor. While a subscription is valid you can continue to press ‘Connect’ and download data to your OvuSense App. You can cancel your OvuSense subscription at any time

      What happens if I cancel my subscription?

      After you cancel your subscription, it will remain valid until the end of the current 30 day billing period. At that point, you can continue to connect to your OvuSense Sensor for an additional 7 days ‘grace period’. Once cancelled, you cannot reactivate your old subscription. However, you can simply purchase a new subscription from anytime you like and pick up using OvuSense where you left off. If you purchase a new subscription within the ‘grace period’ you will not have any gaps on your graph.