The holidays are a time for getting together with loved ones, celebrating special occasions, and spreading cheer. However, this time of year can also come with mixed feelings, especially if you’re trying to conceive and dreaming of starting or growing your family. We know TTC can be stressful, but it’s important to remember that stress can negatively affect your fertility. Knowing that, we at OvuSense are doing our part to help reduce any stress by spreading hope and gratitude this holiday season. To do so, we’re sharing the real-life stories of women from our community who learned important information – and found hope and gratitude – through OvuSense. 

Sarah: Navigating Her PCOS & Getting Pregnant

After experiencing irregular periods most of her life and then being diagnosed with PCOS, Sarah realized TTC was going to be more difficult than she had initially thought. As the months went on, she became more and more frustrated, especially with all of the misinformation out there – like how pregnancy tests can be unreliable for those with PCOS. Sarah’s frustration led her to spend time researching apps that work with PCOS. It was then that she discovered OvuSense, which allowed her to learn more about her body and how her PCOS impacted her cycle and fertility. 

With OvuSense, Sarah could see direct changes in her cycle when she made PCOS-friendly diet adjustments. Most importantly, OvuSense allowed her to see that she was ovulating at a different time than she thought she was. After three cycles with OvuSense, Sarah became pregnant with her second child. Read more about her journey here

Beya: Thankful for Beating the Odds

“I’m sharing here to give everyone trying some hope - I have only been pregnant once in my life and I didn’t carry to term. That was 21 years ago! So it finally did happen for me!”

Beya suspected that conceiving might be a challenge, as she has been diagnosed with adenomyosis, endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, and a blocked right Fallopian tube. To add to these challenges, she was approaching 40 years old and worried that she could be running out of time to conceive naturally. While researching how to better care for her body and manage her symptoms, she discovered OvuSense. After spending 21 years believing that she could not conceive, reading about women who faced the same challenges as her gave Beya the glimmer of hope she needed. Beya got her BFP with just three cycles using OvuSense! Read the rest of Beya’s journey here

Kirsty: Thankful She Never Gave Up 

After spending 18 years trying to conceive, Kirsty was told by doctors that she would never be successful without IVF due to her PCOS and prolactinoma diagnoses. Despite her conversation with her doctor, Kirsty was not willing to give up and wanted to give OvuSense a try to learn more about how her diagnoses impacted her cycle. With OvuSense, Kirsty realized that she wasn’t ovulating every month, and even when she was, she was TTC during all the wrong points in her cycle. After just three months, Kirsty was pregnant with her first child! When Kirsty was ready to try for her second child, she started using OvuSense again and became pregnant after only two months. Learn more about Kirsty’s amazing journey to starting and growing her family. 

Katrina: Finding Much-Needed Hope Along the Way

Beginning a family was not nearly as simple as Katrina initially believed it would be. After a miscarriage, she tragically delivered her daughter at 20 weeks. Recognizing that trying to conceive may be difficult for her, Katrina turned to OvuSense for help. With OvuSense, she was able to see that she had ovulated, allowing her to cancel her scheduled IUI, as it would have been too late to conceive. Grateful for all of the knowledge that she learned about herself and her body, Katrina started a blog to share how she remains hopeful and reminds others facing the same fertility challenges that they’re not alone! For more on how OvuSense helped Katrina gain control over her fertility, check out her story

Inspire Hope & Gratitude Today

We know that trying to conceive can be challenging and evoke a range of emotions at times. While it’s certainly important to feel all of those feelings, everyone's journey is different and we hope hearing from other women in the community helps to bring you hope and gratitude. If you’re looking to learn more information about your body and your cycle, or if you’re hoping to gain control over your fertility journey, check out OvuSense today.