As 2022 comes to a close, we at OvuSense are reflecting on all the good that’s happened this past year. From capturing a never before seen image of the Milky Way’s black hole to the first female referee officiating in the men’s World Cup, and even the COVID pandemic beginning to ease, so many positive events took place this past year. 

The good doesn’t end there – beyond world events, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at the positive experiences that those within our TTC community had this year. And if 2022 wasn’t the year that you became pregnant, know that hope is just around the corner in 2023! 

Emma’s Big Fat Positive

Emma knew that when the time came, trying to conceive might be more difficult for her than others. She has struggled with PCOS since puberty, with her periods being few and far between. Then, after TTC for four years and growing frustrated, Emma’s doctors diagnosed her with an ovarian tumor that would cause further complications to her PCOS. In January of 2022, her doctors recommended Clomid and Letrozole to aid conception. However, after further research, Emma discovered that OvuSense could be a better tool for managing her PCOS and irregular ovulation while trying to conceive. With OvuSense, Emma could easily see fluctuations in her cycle and could better predict when the best times were to conceive. Emma was thrilled to announce her BFP this year! She enthusiastically shared the news with the OvuSense Users Group on Facebook, who acted as a great source of support on her difficult journey to conception. Read more on Emma’s journey to pregnancy. 

Miranda’s Happy Ending to her TTC Journey

Miranda’s fertility story began three years ago when she decided to stop using birth control. After not menstruating for a year post-birth control, she visited her doctor and learned that she had PCOS. Despite receiving positive results on her ovulation tests, Miranda unexpectedly found out that she was unable to ovulate on her own. At this point in her TTC journey, Miranda was feeling nothing short of defeated. Tracking her basal body temperature to better understand her ovulation patterns was difficult for her. After coming across a TikTok video one day, she learned about OvuSense and how easily she could track her ovulation. Then, after using OvuSense to better understand her unique cycle, Miranda was able to pinpoint her ovulation. Her stress surrounding TTC melted, as OvuSense allowed her to visualize what was happening inside her body. Miranda was excited to announce her pregnancy earlier this year and is eager to enter this new chapter of her life! Learn more on Miranda’s fertility journey here

Dr. Samina’s Unexpected Path to Conception

Dr. Samina, a naturopathic doctor, learned about her PCOS diagnosis 12 years ago and knew that when it was time, starting a family would come with unique challenges. Her TTC journey began in early 2020 and was a very stressful time in her life. She was unsure of where to begin and already felt as though her options were limited. Stress played a huge role in her PCOS, so she immediately knew that she would need to seek less-stressful ways to aid in her conception. Dr. Samina originally came across OvuSense in her search for a tool that could help plan her cycles, but later realized the sensor’s accuracy in predicting her ovulation! Not only was she better able to plan her cycles and ovulation, but she no longer had to fret about using a complicated array of tests. Ultimately, Dr. Samina underwent intrauterine insemination (IUI) combined with the information provided by her sensor to conceive. She is so grateful for her BFP! Check out Dr. Samina’s full story

Sending Baby Dust Wishes for 2023!

Your TTC journey might not look exactly how you imagine it to be. That being said, it is important to try to remain hopeful and know that your BFP is around the corner. By celebrating those who persisted through their difficult conception this year, we hope to inspire those TTC to continue on their journey.