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OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Blog

Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. Rachael's Journey to Pregnancy

    Rachael’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS

    After spending her entire adult life with irregular periods, Rachael was eventually diagnosed with PCOS at age 26. Even though she wasn’t ready for a baby at the time, she spent countless hours worrying that her diagnosis would mean she’d struggle to conceive or that she’d never get to be a mom. After connecting with a friend who went through a similar issue, Rachael found hope – and ultimately became pregnant – with the help of OvuSense.

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  2. Importance of Friendship

    Friendship and Fertility: Hand in Hand Through Life's Milestones

    Friends are there for all the exciting milestones in someone’s life – a promotion at work, a first date, buying a home, a wedding – but it’s equally important that friends are for the challenging moments, as well. Sometimes, TTC can be one of those moments. In this blog, we’re diving into the benefits of friendship during a conception journey, as well as sharing the ways that you can support others during theirs. 

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  3. OvuSense vs Ava

    Differences between OvuSense vs Ava: Which is the best fertility tracker?

    When it comes to fertility tracking, the importance of accurate and real-time data cannot be overstated. Two products that have made significant strides in this field are OvuSense and Ava. Each offers a unique approach to tracking ovulation and fertility, but how do they compare?

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  4. Sarah's Pregnancy Testimonial

    How OvuSense Helped Sarah Navigate Irregular Cycles & Unexplained Infertility, Resulting in a Positive Test & A Dream Come True

    Sarah had been navigating irregular cycles since she was a teenager, but she didn’t anticipate that it would impact her TTC journey when the time came. However, after trying unsuccessfully for two years after getting married, Sarah and her husband worried something may be wrong. Then, after hearing about OvuSense on Instagram, Sarah decided to give it a try. A year later, she fell pregnant and is overjoyed to welcome her baby in July.

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  5. Jessamy's Endometriosis Journey

    OvuSense Advocate Jessamy Baldwin Talks to the New York Post About Endometriosis, Infertility, and Her Long-Awaited Rainbow Baby

    Trying to conceive can come with many difficulties, especially if you are struggling with endometriosis. OvuSense advocate Jessamy Baldwin recently spoke to the New York Post about her history with the disease, how it impacted her fertility, and how she was eventually able to conceive (and recently deliver!) her beautiful rainbow baby girl. 

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  6. Charlotte

    How OvuSense Helped Charlotte Get Pregnant with PCOS & A Hormone Imbalance

    Irregular periods, PCOS, and a hormone imbalance made it difficult for Charlotte to conceive. After trying OvuSense, Charlotte learned she was ovulating later in her cycle than she had previously believed. After 10 cycles of OvuSense, Charlotte finally got her long-awaited positive test, and she recently gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in March. 

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  7. Infertility Support

    OvuSense Community Speaks Out During National Infertility Awareness Week

    In honor of this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week on April 23-29, we reached out to members of the OvuSense community and asked them to share their stories in hopes of empowering others and helping them to open up about their journeys. Check out what they had to say in this blog. 

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  8. hourglass

    How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant?

    Curious about the time it takes to get pregnant? This article explores fertility factors & average conception times. Learn what to expect on your parenthood journey, from lifestyle choices to medical conditions.

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  9. Asherman's Syndrome

    Asherman’s Syndrome: What Is It and What Does It Mean For You?

    Asherman’s Syndrome is a rare condition that causes scar tissue in the uterus or cervix and may also be referred to as uterine adhesions. In this blog, our resident Fertility Nurse Consultant Kate Davies explains a little more about Asherman’s Syndrome and what this might mean for you.

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  10. Asherman's Syndrome

    How OvuSense Helped Lucy Seek Help for Asherman’s Syndrome

    Lucy didn’t have a period for several months after her miscarriage surgery. Despite doctors reassuring her this was ‘normal’ she was convinced it wasn’t and used OvuSense to advocate for herself and seek treatment for a condition called Asherman’s Syndrome. Check out her blog to learn more about her experience. 

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