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Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. What is ovulation?

    Ovulation 101: What You Need to Know & How to Improve Your Chances of Conception

    If you’re TTC, you are likely familiar with the term ‘ovulation.’ However, if you find yourself asking, What is ovulation?, don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you. We’ll also be discussing which tracking methods are the most reliable, signs to watch for that indicate ovulation, and how to improve your chances of becoming pregnant by using them. 

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  2. Your Top Fertility Questions

    Your Top Fertility Questions of 2021 Answered

    As each year comes to a close, it’s always nice to take one last look back and reflect on what that time brought. So while we are looking towards 2022 with optimism and excitement, we are first taking a moment to look back on this past year and revisit some of your most asked questions. Keep reading to learn about what the OvuSense community wanted to know, featuring some answers from a few of our experts.   

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  3. Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions

    Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions

    Progesterone is often misunderstood by medical professionals. We break down the current research on progesterone, how it is related to ovulation, and share why OvuSense is the only fertility monitor on the market that accurately tracks the rise and fall of progesterone through continuous measurement of Core Body Temperature.

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