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If you’re planning to use natural family planning to reduce the risk of getting pregnant when you don’t want to (and improve your fertility when you do!) then you should be aware this comes with more risks than using barrier and medication based methods. No method of birth control is perfect, but natural family planning carries a higher risk of unexpected pregnancy.

That said, using the right app can help to predict your cycle with accuracy and give you information and predictions to help you avoid those times when you’re most at risk of getting pregnant.

The Information You Need

The most important bit of information to help you know when you’re fertile (and therefore at risk of getting pregnant) is the date you ovulate. You’re fertile in the days surrounding ovulation – for around five days before you ovulate and the day afterwards, you are in what’s known as your fertile window. This is the time when sperm can survive long enough in a woman’s body after intercourse to reach the egg and potentially fertilise it.

Rather than simply knowing when you are ovulating, you need to be able to predict when you’re going to ovulate. Merely confirming when you’re ovulating means you’ve ignored five days or more of fertility. This means methods like OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) aren’t very helpful to you: not only are they only confirmatory tests, they aren’t always accurate. If you use the test at the wrong time, you could miss the hormone surge that OPKs test for, and be fertile without knowing about it – a disaster for natural family planning.

OvuSense’s Solution

OvuSense offers accurate results and real predictive power. Our sensor monitors your core temperature which, when you can do it accurately is a good indicator for where in your menstrual cycle you are. Those changes are connected to your progesterone level which maps directly to your body’s preparations for ovulation.

Running your temperature data through our clinically tested algorithm can turn it into data about when you’re going to ovulate – unlike other ovulation trackers, using this method can get you useful predictions after only days, rather than having to wait a full cycle to apply what you’ve learned.

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OvuSense gives you access to this important data all day, every day through our app. You can see when you’re due to ovulate next, our projection of your fertile window and other vital data about your cycle that makes your natural family planning as accurate as possible.

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