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Things to Help Get Pregnant

Creating an inventory of things that can help you achieve pregnancy is a useful and important step when you begin the journey towards starting a family. It’s not always easy – for some couples it’s because they’re suffering from a condition like PCOS that limits your fertility, while others are simply unlucky and it takes them longer to conceive than they’d like.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the items and concepts that you need to have in your armoury to give yourself the best chance of a trouble-free conception and pregnancy.

Predictors and Tests

One of the best and least invasive ways to boost your chances of pregnancy is to make sure you know when you’re ovulating, so you can try to conceive at the times when you’re most likely to succeed!

To get pregnant you need to be trying within the ‘fertile window’ – that’s the time in each cycle when the sperm can survive in the body long enough to encounter an egg after ovulation. Eggs are only active for a maximum of 24 hours after they leave the ovaries, but sperm can survive for four or five days so your fertile window is around six days long at the maximum.

If you want to identify your fertile window, you need to know when you’re ovulating – or better yet, predict when you’re going to. Using an ovulation predictor kit is convenient, but these hormone-based tests don’t always get you the best results, especially if you are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which disrupts the hormones these tests look for.

A Basal Body Temperature based fertility tracker, like OvuSense’s system, gives you more accurate results. Our sophisticated sensor and algorithm-backed predictions mean we deserve a place in your pregnancy armoury!


It might not be the most dramatic or exciting thing, but one of the simpler ways to boost your chances of a natural conception is to improve the quantity of green vegetables in your diet. These give your body an extra dose of B-complex vitamins, and some of the minerals it uses to build healthy eggs and sperm. This extends your fertile window and gives those cells a better chance of successfully combining to kickstart the reproductive process!

Folic Acid Supplements

With the right diet you can get most of the substances your body needs for a healthy conception and pregnancy, but one of the things you’re unlikely to be getting enough of is Folic Acid. This helps you carry a pregnancy successfully, and many doctors recommend beginning to take supplements as soon as you decide to try and start getting pregnant to ensure you have enough in your body!

If you follow our advice and make sure you have these things on your side, you’ll find getting pregnant that little bit easier.

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