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Ways to Boost Fertility

If you’ve reached the stage in your life where you’re actively trying to start a family, then you’re going to be looking at lots of different ways to boost your fertility and giving yourself an improved chance of conceiving more quickly.

OvuSense is here to help by looking at some of the ways men and women can improve their reproductive health and increase their fertility!


One of the most important things you can do as a woman is track your menstrual cycle. Your fertility is at its peak in the days leading up to when you ovulate, as its at this point that sperm can survive long enough to encounter an egg and fertilise it.

If you track your basal body temperature, you can begin to predict when you’re going to ovulate. Unlike more variable hormone-based OPKs, this can get you an accurate prediction, but it is sometimes a difficult technique to use – requiring you to measure your temperature as soon as you wake up in order to access your basal core temperature.

OvuSense’s system uses a sensor that can record your temperature right through the night and then process it into a prediction for you using an app. This takes a lot of the hard work out of learning when your fertile days are, and helping you boost your fertility!


One of the best ways for men to boost their fertility is to focus on the health of their sperm. You can make sure your diet includes all the nutrients needed to build healthy sperm, adding supplements where necessary if you’re not getting the right vitamins and minerals in your food. Zinc is one of the most important constituents of sperm, going into both head and tail, meaning that adequate zinc can improve not just sperm count but motility – making it more likely that the sperm will make it to the egg and fertilise it.

Temperature is also very important – your testicles are very sensitive to temperature and even a slight raise can degrade their ability to create healthy sperm. Avoiding hot environments, taking breaks in the shade if you do have to be out in extremely warm weather, and avoiding tight clothing can all help to ensure you’re producing healthy, long-lived and motile sperm and that you are at the peak of your personal fertility.

Expert Help

Of course, if you have any concerns about your fertility, be it a specific issue, or you simply want to understand it better, your best option is to talk with your doctor or even better, get a referral to a fertility specialist for an expert opinion.

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